Tyra, Drumheller’s Huge T-Rex

This week, I embarked on a thrilling journey to Drumheller, Alberta, to lay my eyes upon Tyra, the colossal gem of this quaint town. Despite the smoky, overcast day that greeted us, the excitement of exploring the world’s largest dinosaur was undeniable. Though I couldn’t capture aerial footage with my drones due to local by-laws and the weather not cooperating, I’m eager to share the unforgettable experience through my video.

Tyra is truly a behemoth of prehistoric proportions. Standing at a towering 25 meters (86 feet) in height and stretching 46 meters (151 feet) in length, she’s an awe-inspiring sight. Weighing in at over 65 metric tons (145,000 pounds), Tyra dwarfs even the mightiest real t-rex by about four and a half times. The prospect of climbing her 106 steps to the top may be daunting for those afraid of heights, but even from solid ground, her immense size is a sight to behold.

The construction of Tyra is a fascinating story in itself. The planning process spanned three years, but the actual construction took just over a year. She boasts a robust steel skeleton covered in a skin of fiberglass. The steelwork was expertly crafted by a firm in Calgary, while the fiberglass artists were sourced from the Philippines and China. This monumental project cost the Drumheller Chamber of Commerce just over one million dollars when she was brought to life in 1999.

Venturing through Tyra’s belly is an adventure of its own. Fossils and captivating murals adorn the walls, adding an educational and artistic touch to the experience. And yes, the slight swaying sensation while ascending is entirely normal. It’s only truly noticeable if you pause to capture some video footage or wait for fellow explorers to exit, as the interior can safely accommodate about 12 people.

Visiting Tyra, the world’s largest dinosaur, was a journey into the past and a testament to human creativity and ambition. Despite the drone restrictions and moody weather, the memories I created during this trip are truly priceless, and I can’t wait to share them with you through my video. Stay tuned for an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Drumheller!

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